Brushgear products are made to high quality standards with proper dimensional stability. Superlative quality is the characteristic of our products. Every product that we manufacture passes through stringent quality tests at every stage of manufacturing. The qualified workforce at Brushgear continuously strive for better quality & innovation so as to satisfy the customer more & more leading to Customer Delight. Each product is subjected to strict quality control measures to ensure that only the best in terms of quality.  
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Rocker Arm / Holder stud

We manufacture all types of Rocker Arm / Holder stud for motors and generators.

A brush holder stud is an intermediate member between the brush holder and supporting structures. Brush holder stud insulation is an assembly of insulating material which insulates the brush holder or stud from supporting structure. A brush holder yoke is a rocker arm,
  BE - HRA 6   BE - HRA 1

ring, quadrant or other support for maintaining the brush holders or brush holder studs in their relative position.

BE - HRA 2   BE - HRA 3   BE - HRA 4   BE - HRA 5
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